Our students absolutely love A Brilliant Life. It is our most popular after school program at the Ron Clark Academy, and our students greatly enjoy the activities that teach them more about themselves through creative and engaging activities. The program is definitely fun, but it also builds the self-esteem of our students and empowers them to become more successful in school and throughout their lives.
Ron Clark, Ron Clark Academy

A Brilliant Life is just that…brilliant! . . . A Brilliant Life focuses on the individual and lets them know that if they can dream it, they can achieve it. I only wish that every young person could experience such an incredible personal journey through this program.
Haley Kilpatrick, Girl Talk Founder & Executive Director

The program answer practical life questions, Who am I? And What was I created for? . . . Each year, the upcoming students’ most harmonious question is, “When does A Brilliant Life come back?”
I’m trilled to tell them every time, “Soon.”

Janelle Yallery, 6th grade Bible Class teacher, Atlanta Youth Academy

Enjoyed working with A Brilliant Life Foundation to provide inspirational and self-development information for our Littles and Matches-participants for the Mentoring Towards College Program.
-Patrick Oustz, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta

You spend your life helping children decide how to live their future. You show them how to overcome the toughest obstacles and to hold their head high and look on to a brighter future.
-ChiChi Ugwuh, 8th grade student at The Ron Clark Academy

Awesome workshops at The Boys and Girls Club!
-Falon Turner, Teen Program Director at
Warren/Holyfield Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

The Guide to a Brilliant Life was a wonderful program that engaged the kids each session with a variety of interactive activities. The program encouraged the kids to critically think about the past, present and future and left them with a positive approach to the future.-Shawna Moss, LMSW
Development Assistant
The Agape Community Center
Atlanta, Georgia

I like how we discovered our gifts. The most important thing I learned was that you should achieve your goals.- Demonte, age 15

My favorite thing about the Brilliant Life class was learning that I can find the path God is trying to lead me in. The most important thing I learned was no matter what event you have thrown at you, you can still be who you want to be.- Datesha, age 13

I learned never to let anyone bring you down or tell you what you can and can’t be because God will lead you down the right path.- Rachel, age 13

I liket all of you storys. We all love you. I liket your skrt and your shrt. Love, Ruby-kindergartner

Thank you for reading to me! I like all of them! I whent you to come back! Love, Sarah, age 6

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